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Short Stories and Articles by Jeannette Dean

We Survived on a Sailboat HURRICANE IVAN

Painting: Endangered Species by Floyd Tunson

Poems by William "Chip" Miller

Poems by Michael D. Brown

Poems by Dibyendu Saha

Story by Morrison Chibuzor

Poems by Subhrasankar Das

Poems from Malta by Raymond Fenech

Poems by Swasti Bora

Travel, Fiction and Prose by Mehreen Ahme

Poems by Scarlet Monahan

Poems by Vinita Agrawal

Poems by Marieta Maglas

Prose by Evan Simubali

Universal Thoughts by N. Pratheeba

Literary Work by Veronica Matte Hierro

Poems by Nazma Yousufe Malik

Poems by Liliana Negoi

Poems by Lydia Stefanovska

Poems by Sohail Mahmood

Poems by Sonnet Mondal

Poems by Mbizo Chirasha

Poems by Andrés Norman Castro Arévalo

Poems by Syed Mohammad Momeni

Poems by Fontuma

Africa Poems by Kevin Karuga





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Novel by Jeannette Dean

Short Story by Chitra Gopalakrishnan

Poems by Philipp Ammon

Poems and Essays by John Timothy Robinson

Poems by Matthew Tyson

Poem by Diana Reed

Poem by Nancy Gonzalez

Short Story by Muhammad Nusrallah Khan

Poetry by Cornelia Paun Heinzel

The Brilliant Work of Diedra Suwanee Dees

The Picnic - A Short Story by Joseph Foti

Tuesdays with Mimsey by Wayne Scheer

Surgeon's Little Helpers an Essay by Susan O'Neill

A Short Story by Mercedes Paz-Carty

Short Stories by Mildred Murphy Pond

Poems by Olga Truskalo

Short Story by Eston Dickinson

Poem by Milos Petrovic

Poetry by Tracy M. Rogers

Poems from the South by Corey Mesler

Prose by Mahbod Seraji

Collected Poems from Italy by David Trame

Messiah in the Map by Terry Quick

Steering Out of Control by Steph Yianakelis

Poems by A. Thiagarajan

Poetry by Anthony Liccione

Short Stories from India by Debasree Bhattacharjee

Death to My Enemies and other Poems by Peter Oakleaf

Shelter Lunch - on being homeless by Darby Diana

Poems from Nepal by Pushpa Tuladhar

Sketches of War in Pakistan by Muhammad Nasrullah Khan

The Old Man of the River a Short-Story by Tom Sheean

Three Poems by C.L. Bledsoe

Italian Ghosts by Alexander Amprimoz

Prose Poetry from Calcutta by Prasenjit Maiti

Poems by John Sweet

Freedom - an Essay by G. Emil Reutter

Verse by Stephen Oliver

Story by Ilmar Taska

Poems by Stephen Hedrick

Poems by Brian Lanning

Short Story by SUMANGALA

The Red Rapid Train by Julie Woods and Kayla Woods

A Civil War Poem From 1862 by James D. Pardue

Work of Schyleen Qualls

Essays and Short Stories by R. A. Bolden



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Dear Reader,

In a world racked by possessive individualism, cruelty, violence, ambition, suffering and disappointment, this Internet magazine features creative essays for social impact; emotive poetry; and short fiction for entertainment. Our aim is to be a forum against racism, sexism, speciesism and the destruction of the environment.

John Locke (1632-1704) wrote his Second Treatise of Government (1698), to justify resistance to Charles II over the right of succession to the throne. It became dogma for the Whig Revolution of 1688 in which James II was dethroned and replaced by William and Mary. A century later, this doctrine backed by all Locke's prestige was neatly and quite properly turned against the British state by the American colonists. The tyrannical monarchy of King George was deposed and replaced with the democratic American Constitution and its corresponding Bill of Rights.

The landscape has changed since the days of John Locke. Civil revolt has evolved into global activism. At 'VELVETILLUION Literary Magazine' we support free speech and privacy as defined by the American Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

"No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation. Everyone has the right to protection of the law against such interference or attacks."
--Article 12 Universal Declaration of Human Rights

We encourage our readers to use peaceful means to campaign against social injustices wherever they occur.

Yours faithfully,
R. A. Bolden, Publisher