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DANCING by Veronica Matte Hierro

In the fourth decade of my life,
I turn to you now;
I want to tell you
how your words penetrate my heart
and melt in laugh.
We know each other by free,
Generous fantasies.
Your flesh tastes salty
Like the sea.
But you prefer the lake,
I like horses.
You like four wheel motorcycles.
I wanted to comfort you
And not to stare.
I kept an Angel in my heart
And find light in writing you.
Your silence is strength for me,
I feel protected.

Love is a wound.
Emptiness is fulfill with passion.
I miss you.
My dreams are the answers,
To so much pain.

In the window of life,
Be careful with the wind…
It may take away your thoughts
That melt with me;
So you will never forget me…

But I don´t care…
Cause the only thing I want,
Is to see you again.
Feel your touch,
Caress your hand in the dark.
Dance, even if you are in a phone call.
Wrestle in deep laugh,
See your eyes inside me
Like if you loved me.

You seduce me completely.

Our words know each other
And that is enough;
I am the joy seeker
That thinks of you.
I wanted to tell you simple, that I love you.

I choose life of sensations rather than thoughts,
In the contradiction is the truth.
Now I sit by the lake,
Writing to you.

I love a man that makes me laugh,
He is like nobody…

You are so sick that
You think sex can cure everything;
The chicken soup of sex
So I offer myself
To keep you warm.

Offer my sex, like rainy days.

My breast are like words of love…
So I can poison you
With my name of truth.

So you can need me as a drug
And become an addict
A sick addict,
And think, sex can cure anything.

The man in the lake,
The man in the famine volcano,

The man in the bus

Which I love
Which I always loved,
Which I always will.

I can offer you my hunger,
my lust,
my freedom.

I shall make room for you in my heart....