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Poems by Subhrasankar Das



Everything is creased & kept

In right place & order

To avoid even a particle of dust.

But all worms

Are not devised to

Die before

A naphthalene.


The dead narcissus,

The spittle of wind on windowpane,

The half-empty dish of rice

Beside the folded mattress

Make me return & recall

The days of nursery school,

The lesson of my favorite farmer.

His corns would come & store themselves magically !


Flying out of ancient hearth

Gods & dogs

Gift me

The vessel of ashes.


Being deaf,I hear

The 'plop'

Of a frog-colored-grief

On the lake of desire. . .






It had been too long;

There's no news of Your whereabouts.

It was...I forgot when

'U' made me stop,stand still,

Staring at 'U' at the zebra-crossing.

Do 'U' remember ?

'U' were subverting the roads

With Your fingers,

Saying- Be careful !


Now I violate traffic-rules

Without being injured

By vehicles.

Reserving the swelling of heart,

Time sinks



Could 'U' recall the date

We had sailed on the street,

Crossed by a cat ?





Offering all the continence to 'U'


I've gone to the dogs..






Address changes.

C/o contains another name .

Papa has found a tenant again

For the leftsided pent-house.

Aged furniture're stimulating Nut-brown dreams,

Being distressed inside the godown.

Yesterday Rini came, vacantly informed Your whereabouts :

Do you remember 'Abhi' ?


I change The course of talk, like that of address,

Look back where she had been too li'l To percept such things.

Still, she halfsighted The penthouse, the green sky, The open portico, the flabby clots of feeling...


Smearing a stoical fascination

'U' only – closed your eyes..






Is that possible to ignore

The call from mosquito-curtain

At midnight ?

It seems that

There's a way to escape.

The moments under paper-weight

Are dumb like a dead clock.


Hush !

The remaining moss of life

Is sleeping . .






SUBHRASANKAR DAS,born in first May 1986 at Tripura(north-eastern part of India),is a prominent figure in modern Bengali literature.He writes both in Bengali & English (POETRY, Shortstories For adults & children). His poems in English have been published & appreciated in various International web-magazines/journals/blogs.

He is MA(english), DCA, an artist of All India radio(Agrtala),& Bisharad in tabla; working as a Teacher(English) in SriKrishna Mission School.

His Poems,short stories,reviews & interviews have been published in local newspapers(ex-Dainik sambad,Fariad,Tripura darpan,Sandan,Arohan,DesherKotha,PratibadiKolom,Tripura times etc).

* He writes poetry in top literary & commercial magazines:
(Kolkata)-Kabisammelen,KabitaPratimase,Pratham Alo,Pankauri,Daur,Dadhichi,Uttar itihas etc
.(Tripura)-Vasha,Jalaja,Srot,Prahari,Bajrakantha,Kalbela,BortomanSomoy,Windows,Jhinuk etc.
(Assam/Gawahati/Silchr)-Anno desh,Betrikam,Kabikantha,Jugasankha,Ujjal pandulipi etc.

* His poems have been included in many collection of poems:
Mukur(Kolkata),Tin Benglar sunner Kobita(Bengladesh),Kabitaghar(tripura),Ek doshoker kobita sonkolon(kolkata)& others.

* Few poems have been recorded in (cdmp3)'KobiKonthe kobita'(souharda,Kolkata)& "Je matite jibon jage''(Eastern school of publication).

*He has been invited & awarded as 'Best poet 2008'by 'Binay padakcommittee',kolkata(Poschimbongo Bengla Academy)for his book'Tontukit'.He has been invited at state little-mag conference,seminers organised by "National Book Trust , India "& many other programs dealing with poetry,literature & publication.Poems in English have been published and appreciated in various international journals/web magazines/blogs.*HAS GOT INVITATION FROM THE PRESIDENT OF '22ND WORLD CONGRESS OF POETS'(LARISSA , GREECE 2011),'united poets laureate international'..