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Last benches really tell a tale or two in the campus arena.Noone can undermine the proficiency of last benchers for one can be damn sure that there will emerge an Einstein OR a Raman to scale new heights,. The talk from the emerging last bench will not be like the pandemonium in a street corner gossip or an unruly petty skirmish. But it will be better than the rendezvous of the seemingly industrious and assiduous first bench. Here is a place where there is a amalgamation of far fetching ideas and a mingling of nascent thoughts that are fiery enough to set the intellectual world ablaze. Such a spark emanating from the great minds deserve to inspire a zillion free minds. When days roll on, the names of the last benchers will be inscribed in golden letters in their alma mater for being illustrious and as those whose endeavours have stood ahead of the ordinary in their respective fields. These are the sincere words from the mouths of those who are glued to the last bench.


God cannot be everywhere; and so only he created mothers!" is an often repeated maxim. Such is the significance of motherhood. Motherhood is indeed a challenge in the modern era. The modern era demands a lot from the modern mother. Mothers have to manage the pressure from the various compositing branches of their unwieldy family. Mothers turn out to be the conduit for their wards between the haven of their home-hive and the fiercely competitive outer world. A modern mother is sculpted to do various multi-farious activities that are most demanding. The social, cultural and religious constraints lend a complex panorama to the realm of modern motherhood. Tailored to such versatile roles, the modern moms have to be more encouraging communicative and assimilative to align their children's thinking patterns and to acknowledge their children's contribution to society. The challenges of a modern mother do not end here. She has to be a friend, philosopher and guide to her kids that too -all rolled in one. She has to be a friend to her children in the sense that they do not fall a prey to the rotten deal of drug-traffickers or cyber terrorists She has to be a philosopher to her children in the sense that she helps in visualizing their dreams. She has to be a guide in the sense that her children will emerge as multifaceted personalities groomed by her love, affection and candour.And so, motherhood can neatly be summed up as the paradigm of challenge in this modern era.

Convocation is an occasion where every student rejoices- for it is a moment to cherish, a moment to remember and a moment that will go down the memory lane of those concerned. It is a moment for which every student has burnt the midnight oil and had many sleepless nights. It is a moment for which every student has worked with unswerving determination and unflinching faith. At this juncture, the duties of the graduands need to be highlighted. Some of the graduates may opt for a job and some of them may go for further studies. Some of them may become entrepreneurs. No matter where they land up or what they are, they have to get instilled with human values. The thinking patterns and the actions rendered by an individual are the motivating forces for human values. No person is born with values in this world. When people are exposed to different learning experiences, they learn to obtain values. These days, the need for smart work is often envisaged. Maximum results are sought with minimum input. Human and ethical values have gone with the wind. The graduands need to be groomed with the apt values in this age of pink-slips and global recession. The Gandhian values of peace, non-violence ,non-aggression and passive resistance have become alien values to the present day youth. Anyhow, a tiny spark ignited by a small group of graduands will be enough to channelize the pep and vigour of the youth of the entire global village. The graduands must be promoters of human values. They have to be committed to the values of democracy. They have to be aware of their shortcomings and try to realize their full potential by striding majestically in the righteous path. They must remember the saying of the great scientist Albert Einstein, "Try not to become a man of success; but rather try to become a man of VALUES!"


Rising from the ocean
Aligning with the clouds
Activated by the wind
Falling down as elixir
Saluting the soil
Prostrating Mother Earth
Revitalizing the thorny life
Quenching the thirst
Assuring the labours
Refreshing the flora
Recharging the fauna--
The magic wand that springs the actions above
Is the first spell of rain after a hot summer!

A river
Springing silently in the tranquil mounts
Crawling casually in the lap of nature
Stringing together the calciferous shells
Mingling harmoniously with Mother Earth
Dancing rhythmically to the tunes of the rain
Singing melodiously to the breezy shore
Nourishing eternally the fluffy flora within
Nursing maternally the velvety fauna within
Tingling haughtily with thunderous laughter
Enhancing eminently the life of humans
Creating many places of divine sojourn
Serving as a cradle to civilization
Posing as an apostle of divine grace
Lifting humanity to sublime heights of success
And ultimately finding serenity in the mighty Ocean
Is nothing but a river!


An eternal maiden,
Donating spring’s jubilations to the world,
Standing at an insurmountable distance,
Guiding without an wink of an eye,
Meting out incredulous miracles,
Adopting the twinkling TWINKLERS
To witness even our sleep!


Universal Thoughts


Dr. N. Pratheeba

Assistant Professor,

Kamaraj College of Engg & Tech, Tamilnadu , India