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Shelter Lunch

I stand in a long line of homeless folks,
Some are veterans just like me.
Picking up my plastic bowl and spoon,
I notice the food smells good, aromas bring
back the childhood days of warm tomato soup and homemade breads.
The children run quickly to the front of the line,
Some can't eat, their fingers are frozen from the cold streets air.
All of them are dirty with uncombed hair, their sockless feet are blue.
"I am still very hungry,I haven't eaten in 3 days."
The shleter folks try hard knowing this meal must feed the long line.
The line gets longer and loud cries of "I am Hungry" are heard in the room.
I know because I am homeless and hungry too.
Sometimes I take my cookies and save them for down the road.
Thank you shelter for my lunch.


Darby Diana
(c)Copyright 1989

All of these poems are dedicated to the homeless veterans on the streets today.I am a true survivor.
My writing kept me sane and the shelter folks enjoyed hearing me read my poetry.