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Your words of love
by Marieta Maglas

I am seemingly missing your words of love,
those words that were written on the sand
and erased by the first wave.
Do you remember, my love?
I have enclosed them hermetically
with that last kiss.
And, after that,
another kiss
and another exotic beach
and another feeling, autumnal feeling,
of another ostensible seemingly love
fulfilled my nothingness...

Among corals and shells,
dried by the winds of the sea,
I awake in following my lost steps,
taken by the waves
and redirected to the great unknown in the sea,
that great eternal.....

I still love you
I love you more, miss you more
yes, I still miss you.
And i realize that all I can do now
is to lodge near the moan of the sea sand,
which feels like a silk slipped worn-out dress
when I touch it.
And slantingly I elect the oblivion
I want to kiss again and again
your gray-haired temple
but, in reverting I receive only
the kiss of our child...


The non-existent truth
by Marieta Maglas

The defined and undefined truth,
Endowed with knowledge or without knowledge,
Sometimes real or unreal,
Certainly including being and non-being....

Accepting that being is true,
Accepting the non-existence of being.....

When the absence of existence means the negation of being..

Accepting that truth did not exist,
And it would have been true that it did not exist, at the same time...
Understanding that truth is eternal.

Imagining the idea of a non-existing world,
Before its own existence...

Accepting the universal and immortal truth,
So interchangeable with being,
While the universal never ceases of itself...

Recognizing the truth always existing in an eternal intellect,
While the created truth is not existing....

Understanding the created truth as not existing...
Remaining truth, when the true things have been destroyed....
Or remaining truth, when all true things can be destroyed.....
Or remaining truth, when our minds can not see the truth itself....

Truth, being in sense, always as a consequence of its act.
Truth, not being in sense because
The sense does not know the truth it truly judges,
Even it judges truly about things....

The existent and non-existent truth.......