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I Am Time
by Sonnet Mondal


I am Immortal, Perpetual, Eternal…
I ‘Was’ before the Bang,
I ‘Am’ like a foreman,
And I will be after all mortal spans.

From the starting of the marvelous creation ,
I have seen all yet said none-
Felt all, yet expressed none-
As I am destined for an unidirectional unending run.

Historic, prehistoric are present for me-
As I am neither born nor can I die.
T ‘ve seen the first life on the earth,
After that sequence of deaths and births.
Reptiles , fishes dominated turn by turn,
Each time the biggest was destroyed by a great burn.
Original homosapiens came over fifteen million years ago-
Slowly slowly so many changes did they undergo;
And then they took over the reigns,
Coming out of their hiding dens.

As they grew in their minds-
They divided into kingdoms of various kinds;
So many battles , so many fights-
Lingering hopes turned into bloody sights.
These destructions were not to win hearts ,
But to tear and bruise sentiments apart.

On the other hand they created and unfolded mysteries,
And locked them in books of histories.
Agriculture ,science, literature nothing was left untouched-
But to sense this creation all have failed to search.

No living beings but the humans created a divide-
Into the poor , riches and created cast’s tide.

I ‘ve seen weaknesses in them,
Of treachery, greed, pride and whim to earn fame.
Yet among them strengths does exist—
Honesty, integrity and humanity-none the least.

This condition is not new-
It existed and will exist in masses leaving a few.

I was in the past, I ‘ll be in the future-
But none in this land will be left to nurture
If the activities doesn’t alter their structure.
I feel to speak out –
But I fear they will not heed my shout.
This will end, another will be born,
Old promises will shatter and new oaths will be sworn!

And I???
I will remain a silent witness of all
Of each ‘Rise’ and every ‘Fall’!!

About the Poet:-
Sonnet Mondal is an eminent poet in the arena of English Poetry.He has authored two books of poetry and has received several honours from all over the world including the title of "Poet Laureate", The Plato Award, Red Ribbon Award and many others. Born 1990 in India.