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"death to my enemies, and other poems" by peter oakleaf

death to my enemies

first i investigated the afterworld. It´s just like here.
i´m brutally convinced of my own way. it´s nice to be me. i
developed a system of ideas that turned into reality. i examined
the caves of psychedelia and it´s all good. stay off the drugs,
kids, and hook on the meditation buzz instead. don´t believe
mainstream hypes. it´s all lies. stay underground, stay free. don´t
sell out, ever. find your niche and stay there for all your life.
moral is absurd. pain is just as good as pleasure, but fear is bad.
don´t ever fear anything. in this world, everybody has a poison
heart but this world is just one of a million. everything is
possible. don´t pay tax, don´t support the oppressors. don´t
believe the liars.
be rebellious, yet clean, intelligent, secure, stable,
untouchable. be angry but controlled and focused. break the rules
but stay ahead of the game. the statists shall perish, i personally
guarantee that.
degrade them to microscopical beings, tear them out of this reality
so that they´ll cast no shadows again. they won´t be permitted into
or gain access to this world again, because my enemies are the
enemies of happiness – aggressive failors, dirty police and
statesmen. i´m a reformist and i shall pee on the graves of my
enemies, the weak-but scornful. they are without probability of
success, because the aims aren´t thoroughly considered like mine
the tyrants be shivering in their high castles, because the time
of freedom is here, again. it´s been ten thousand years since the
last time, but they always knew that tyranny wouldn´t last forever.
my enemies are weaker than me. i´m so strong i´m invincible. i´m
a god and my enemies are but beasts. they are animals that try and
oppress a SUPREME BEING. their arrogance annoy me... send them to
the slave pits, then flood the pits. it may sound cruel, but i´m
too busy liberating the people to consider the health status of the
wrong-doers. cancel their credits, forget them and smile. first
i´ll make my enemies unreal. then they will no longer be of

Little rabbit

Little rabbit, with your shiny tail
You´re standing in the forest, so serene
The rainbow in your eyes
You jump around, looking for grass
And an occasional carrot
Below the firs and pines
Black iris
The wind whispers
The coyote is far away

The Colonisers

We´re growing salat on the moon
We´ve colonized this wasteland
We´ve settled these surroundings
Spaceships came and went, delivering building material and
We see earth rise on the sky
Drinking water from chemically cleaned ice resources
Space age is here, now


She let me

Let me see your cunt, pussy
Spread yer legs again, Sarah
You´re beautiful when you do
You´re most passive and obedient
That turns me on
You´re giving in to me
I like that



Burn cars! Burn police cars! Burn coppers!
No peaceful solutions TONIGHT!!!


The Body

Is full of veins and such. full of intestines and testicles. Brain,
liver, heart, bone, blood, enzymes/hormones.
Fat. Food under digestion.



Yo Celts... Beat the invaders up! Bomb the empire, gora ETA-style.
Kill the imperialists.
You run around in squarepatterned skirts, blowing big
hornpipes... and berets with tufts you´ve got too.
And lakes, and mountains, and grass and rain and a funny tongue.


The upper class vs. the working class

Endless nightz... They´re driving porsches. Camels and bourbon...
The upper class do what they please... and they´re VERY happy...
but DOOMSDAY is coming to HOLLYWOOD!!! And all the barbies are
gonna burn in napalm
Their men be so flexed and fit and tanned.
They´re NAZI... followed by the paparazzi...

They were raised with catholic values... but the catholic churches
are gonna BURN tonight.
They were raised with no compassion or empathy...
They walk around surrounded by admirers since adolescence.
Yes, they just wanna have fun... on the behalf of the working
class (which is sad and hurt). They are intertwined ´til the end of
universe... The upper class laughing on the behalf of the working
class... Then the workers revolt and become the upper class, the
new oppressors.
They may very well deserve eachother...



Swim blub blub the fish are in the HOUSE
Gills and fins, drinking salt water (most of them)



Another dream, another visitor. Walking through the front door.
Opening opening.
Oprah Winfrey calling... I so love her.
Nirvana is the state of being... where you´re free... See
freedom is a presumption for provailing happiness. You may be happy
without being free, but it won´t last forever. With freedom though,
you´re bound to stay happy for as long as you please.
Nirvana means Buddhistic freedom.


Black Vixen

Red light, always the red light and the WHORES, I saw them working
in the streets, I love black whores, they are the essence of good,
even though I´d never pay for sexual services I admire them with
their thick lips and red lipstick.
Black woman, doing the streets.
The moon is bright, the city dark, the cars dark metallic and
the passengers seat leathery.
She´s got dark brown eyes too

Spaceship, gigantic in the sky above, above the night´s dark clouds.
Extra-terrestial beings there. Tygers.

She´s so black so beautiful. The shape of her head is NILOTIC and

SPACE INVADERS NOW. Boom, blast. It´s like a CARTOON!!

She becomes the next NUBIAN QUEEN! The soft destiny PROVAILS.
Through space... hyperdimensional gangbanging! Get your gun,
don´t be a pussy, don´t be scared! [Osäkra] it, be cool. In space
noone can hear ´em scream!

She had been working the streets as usual. Three guys already. It
had been a kinda ordinary night except for the extraordinary
blackness of it. Even though the full moon shone it seemed like
everything was but shadows. The cars, the silhouettes of the
houses, the pavement... It was all shadowy and still.


Girls talez

Freedom is achievable. We can all be free... My cat has got TWO
stripes. The declination of the lost parish relates to the
insignificance of lost debris.
Freedom´s kinda like happiness. It´s that state where you get
what you want plus feel that everything is possible and that you
can do anything you want.
Tyger, with fluorescent stripes...
You reminisce me of my past...
Later, I was to discover that the manufacturing tools had been
I had a black cat once, I named it after the brand of a sewing
machine. I´m free so I can do whatever I want. I´m happy too so
I´ve got what I want and deserve.
Flambuoyant mudrakers... It´s allright as long as you don´t burn
needles in fire... Perish... Beetle... Zebra... Deborah... Petra...
Floorfillers... Israelm machine gun, justice... sand in Sahara,
fiddler on the roof. You´re the storm that I´ve been needing...
Nebucadnessar had a lofty crown. Send me a vietnamese angel,
Sheraton is on fire... and all the lucky whores too. It´s a petty
you don´t get my statements cuz it´s so over the top it´s
incredible. I´ve abolished drugs whatsoever and stepped into the
source of life instead... the western world is just full of
alcoholized capitalists and commies... I´m the only free guy around.

B sure to ride a white horse when you come to Oklahoma
Fuck the ponytail-haired girl with her cowboy boots
Aligators, plentiful
Fascism on the rise again
Funny how the world twists... You know you get whacked when you
look away, so many bumblebees
Ivory towers, pelargonias, white chapel, black lodge...
Aligators are greens and lurky, they move in a haphazard,
lizardy way, serpentines sideways
We country men, with cowboy hats get what we want
She´s ovulating again...
White cosmos... osmosis... deliquent dramas
Popcorn and handsome fairies
Fiddler on the roof
Tygers, beating the crap out of reason... Spitzbergen...
I am an engine, combusting
I am free and divine, the first in line
I am invincible, ubiquitous, immense, supreme I´m burning oil on
asphalt ground I´m a high building, unfathomable happiness I´m
love´n´freedom happy´n´joy glissful paraphernalia, wineyards in the
attic, the door to the multiverse etc.


Phone number: 0046(0)768182179

Oakleaf is an independent writer and spoken word artist. He was
born in 1980 and has been working and studying in Stockholm,
Copenhagen, Berlin, Barcelona and Pisa.

CV. Arts.

Education* 2000. Computing school. (Digital picture editing,
digital photographing and more). Pajala.
* 2001. Video course. People´s High School of Angered.
* 2001. Aesthetical topics (art, theatre, film). Borups High
School, Copenhagen.
* 2002. Art science, 20 p. University of Lund.
* 2003. Practical film course, 10 p. College of Malmö.
* 2003. Cultural production, 5 p. College of Malmö.
* 2003. Literature, 10 p. University of Lund.
* 2004. Film science, 40 p. University of Stockholm (course in


* 2001. Trainee and assistant in film production. Moviemakers.
Tel.: +46 705 944556.


* 2003. Text published in the e-magazine Casa Rusia.
* 2003. Short digital film (4 min).
* 2005. Text published in the e-magazine Spread.

Open stages etc

* 2001. Stenhusgade 30, Copenhagen, Denmark.
* 2001, 2002. Loftet, Malmö, Sweden.
* 2002. Words on stage (ord på scen), Lund, Sweden.
* 2003. Poetry Slam, Botkyrka, Sweden.
* 2004. The Pride Festival, Stockholm, Sweden.
* 2004. Poetry Competition, Stockholm, Sweden.
* 2004. The Mudd Club, Berlin, Germany.
* 2005. Berlin Story Slam, Tacheles, Berlin, Germany.


* 2004. Gallery Art Emergency, Stockholm, Sweden. Camilla Backmann.
Tel.: +004686417790.
* 2004. Galerie der Künste, Berlin, Germany. Tel.: +0049 176 200 30