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Poems by Brian Lanning



Land that was Lost


Memories scribed in the sands of dreams
tell stories of how the world has fallen.
No more can one hear the cries and screams;
the past has long been forgotten.


The shade from trees that hold marks of love
is no longer cool, refreshing or sweet.
No one is around in this land, not a dove.
Nothing can be seen for miles, not a treat.


A barren landscape shows blurred images of death,
pictures of false hopes, things once wished.
These mirages show hope, but dont take a breath;
the fires of passion are long since extinguished.


Old loves still linger, untouched for years,
holding on to the hopes of being rekindled.
This land was sculpted by lies and fears
and all signs of salvation have since dwindled.


Hills and valleys, mountains and canyons.
Deserts, forests, and fields;
they all seem to have one thing in common,
they have all been drowned in tears.





The sands of time fall,
grain by grain, onto my soul.
I feel the weight, the world's call,
the lives of all are in my hands,
and in my heart lies a black hole.


Muscles cringe as all over the lands
people fall to the ground.
Fear washes over me in thick strands,
like rope, strangling me into the darkness
of my own hate, in which I drown.


My hate now mixes with sadness,
the sorrow for those who must die.
All this pain is fueled by madness,
and lives are ending, forcefully taken
from those undeserving, as I cry.


The tears fall as souls awaken,
their anger and hatred directed at me;
invading my life, they leave me shaken.
They extract my soul from my body with force.
My death hangs in their hands. They are free.


Floating up to the heavens on His course,
are spirits of men once whole, once well.
When they go, I feel neither regret nor remorse,
as I'm pulled down by my hatred's source;
I'm drawn into the infernos of Hell.


Her Eyes



late one night,
I see nothing less
than the everlasting
of all existence,
and the endless
of the vast unknown,
whose underestimated
leaves me completely
and wholly
Visions of our past
through this universe
in which I am
In my reflection
I see myself smile.
I ask myself
why I should be so



I stare into
this vast beautiful
with a curious heart,
across luscious
over stunning
the sun teasing
the sky,
shedding warm light
throughout the image
that has been
in my heart.
I blink,
and the world
What's left is the
beauty of my love,
smiling back at me.

I had been
into her eyes.