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Scarlet Monahan


- From one moment to another -
A collection of poems
Humorous observation - Fantasy surrealism - Thought provoking


Spider 1 - Spiders can swim

“For the love of God, don’t touch me
I’ve just reached the top
Christ!, You’ve broken a leg
Don’t turn the tap on
I cant swim, I’ll drown.
You speciesist Sociopath”

Spider 2 - Revenge

Little Beth Muffet
Sat at the table
Dipping her bread in her yolk
Down came the spider
That sat down beside her
Beth Muffet died of a stroke,

When they found her, three summer
weeks later, she’d been dead a fortnight.
The flies wept, for reasons of their own,
but the seven legged spider…
Just smiled.


At the gate

The giant copper coloured thing
Stopped only at my gate
Said, vexed of voice and attitude
“I’m here, but I am late”

“apologies are not for me
To whine, or plead, or sing
I am in time the journeyman
And copper coloured thing”

Remarking to his worded face
I spoke with him at ease
Of times long since and vegetables
Of carrots, pods and peas

Then soon he turned a purple mist
Began to slowly fade
But left a wooden onion
The copper thing had made


The soft search

Images move quickly through
With distant rhyme or reason
Surging passed the gates of mind
In metaphoric legion

Soon to reign and take upon
The mantle of a friend
The whisperings in solitude
Baptismal thoughts to send

Thoughts somehow caught up in time
Made lonely, may come late
And tell of innocence and hope
That might communicate

For all we know and all we show
Religious to the page
Hypnotic, like the childish dance
Upon the wooden stage

Soft search in light and thrice the night
Canyon, edge and cliff
To ask of self in puzzlement
Of what and only if


A simple twist

Whatever there is
Whatever there was,
Will, with one word
Given to our unheard
Make change of the things
Behind the because

For love or with none
I will see you ahead
And seek for the way
By the end of the day
Your words that I heard
That would never say

And look for me where
But know that I am
Waiting for you
At left and to right
At start of the day
And late of the night


The while now hid

Silently the night will move
From twilight through to day
And costing nought but time of us
At morning we must pay

In darkness, things first seen in light
Put forth a change of form
Twisting in the shadows of
The mind, from whence are torn

And those may take advantage
Of the blanket held above
Who question not, the mood of wood
More busy with their love

The rain may come and give a sound
Too lonely at the start
Of hollow thought and memory
Found hiding in the heart

Quick closing eyes, protect us all
Behind the falling lid
Dark without, forgotten soon
Till wake, the while now hid


Long time no see

“Remember me” I said to me
“Not really mate” was my reply
“I used to be a friend of yours”
I paused and then I closed one eye
A friend of mine, well bother me
With one eye closed I start to see
That maybe when in times gone bye,
I met me once but was too shy