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POEMS by Olga Truskalo



Towering peaks rising to the sky

The ocean hitting the shore


Africa a land where lions roar and cheetahs run

Where eagles fly high in the sky


Your beating drums tell of your beauty and splendour


Africa Africa my land


Your red sunsets take my breath away


Huge elephants roam your land

Graceful springbok jump like rainbows on your plains


Africa land of hope

Land of dreams


Stars litter your skies like diamonds in the night

Giant whales swim your waters


Africa land of freedom, equality and forgiveness

Rainbow nation


Africa you are my home.




Baby Alex



Born with HIV

In a hut in Natal

Two brothers and sister


Parents also sick


He has no future

He has no life

For he lives in poverty

His HIV will soon be AIDS


This disease is real

It kills all

Knows no gender, race or age


Alex`s parents will not live to see him live

They have HIV and gave it to him


His brothers and sisters now care for him

But they are children too and should be having fun


We need to fight this disease now

To make our children`s world AIDS free.






It destroy everyone

It know no race or gender

It target children and adults

Rich and poor


We have to stand up

Act against this nightmare

We can beat it with knowledge

Ignorance plays into its hands


We need to fight this for our children

For their future


For our nations future


We can fight it through education

Knowledge is power


People with AIDS are like us, don’t discriminate.


AIDS is real.







We have to stop this fight

We have to end this bloodshed


We have to work for peace

Peace on both sides


We have to make peace for our children


This suffering has to end

We can`t keep loosing lives


Peace will happen if we come together


We have to have humanity, then we will have peace.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Olga moved to South Africa from Ukraine in 1997 when she was eleven years old. She is studying hotel management at college.


Her E-mail address is: