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Poems from Islamabad by By Sohail Mahmood

Keep on dreaming!

Love is all there is
To love and be loved
That is all
That is the meaning of life
A world of hatred shall be no more
A world of wars shall end
There shall be peace
There shall be love
There shall be mutual toleration
Keep on dreaming!
Keep on dreaming!

A world of anguish will end
There shall be world peace
Why not?
Why can we not cherish our dreams?
What makes us human?
We want to make the world a better place
We want to do our part in the life we have
Why not?

Dreams are what we have
What keeps us going is bit are dreams

In a world of sorrow, injustice, grief and suffering
Tomorrow shall come
The day shall be bright
The sun shining
The pleasant breeze
Yes, a beautiful day shall dawn one day
Keep on dreaming!
Keep on dreaming!
Dreams are all that we have
To end the pain and the suffering
Dreams are all that we have
A day of tranquility
Where the heart is at peace
Where we love one another
Where we are content on what we have
Where we are willing to share
Where we delight in the beauty of the day
Where we walk in the forest with satisfaction in our hearts
A beauty beyond words
A contentment that cannot be described
Where we are one with the divine
Where we discover ourselves
And finally come at peace with ourselves
A day surely to be cherished
So, keep on dreaming!
Keep on dreaming!
Dreams is all that we have
The killing shall end one day
There shall be no wars
No slaughtering of innocents
No shedding of blood
No wars in the name of religion or ideology
A powerful reawakened world conscience can yet turn the tide
Why not?
Why not?
If we all yearn for the same peace and bliss
Why can't we have it then?

Why give up hope
We shall struggle
We shall unite
We shall turn around things for the better
We shall dream

Dreams shall become reality
All we want is a world at peace
Where we can enjoy our walks through the forest
And stop being afraid
We are not asking much here
Only a resolve to turn things around

We just want to be one with the divine
Sitting on a boulder near the river
Watching the torrents pass
Laying on the grass
Smelling the sweet forest pines
Watching the clouds as they fluff like cotton balls
And the gentle breeze
The birds floating in the air
The splendid flowers
The beauty of it all

Feel the bliss of the moment under the very skin
That is all that we want
Not asking much
Then, why cannot we have a world at peace within and without?
Why this suffering cannot end?
We have stopped dreaming for that day
Caught in the daily struggle of what is life
We do not even hesitate to gulp it all
So my friend, take a few minutes to close your eyes
And, dream
Dream of better days
Dream of a better life for all
Dream of a better world
Dreams can come true
Dreams can come true

Keep on dreaming my friend!
Do not give up hope
That is all that we have
Hope of a beautiful day
Where there shall be peace
Not asking for much my friend
So, keep on dreaming
They will come true
Yes, they will come true
One day there will be peace
And we will be one with the divine
That day will surely come
That day will surely come
A world at peace
A world of justice
A world of love
That is all there is
That is all there is
Keep on dreaming!
Keep on dreaming!


By Sohail Mahmood
Islamabad, Pakistan