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Tanka Suite
By Liliana Negoi


light won't reach my eyes...
for where my eyes carry me
light isn't born yet...
i'm only a wanderer
among dry unspoken words...

day spring

deep flowing rivers
of milky translucent mists
flood the wide valley...
the old wooded hills shiver,
waiting for the sun to rise...


each day i become
a flight of fluttering birds
with long wings of light...
and i fly high in heavens,
chasing the dreams of the sun...


crystal bells tinkling
- waterfalls of silver sounds -
angels painting stars
eyes shutting in loving smiles
innocence falling asleep...

mount dream

needles of pine-tree
sew the air around myself
with scents of rosin...
me secret wooden palace
keeps me away from aching...


whispered by your voice
my name becomes a story
of gentle yearning,
while your lips caress its sound
with such a painful sweetness...


if i was your smile,
i could swing in the cradle
of your mouth's corner...
each day i could kiss your words,
and feel the warmth of your breath...


i gather my love
onto pyres of patient
dark immolation...
my soul is the offering,
my words – the urn for the ash...


I am a Romanian translator, born in 1979, trying to find the answers to the questions that a very good friend of mine posed to me some time ago: "what do I have", "what do I know", "what can I do", hoping that in the end this will help me find out "who I am". You can find my works - tanka and not only - at the following web address:

Thank you for taking the time to read me!