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Steering Out of Control by Steph Yianakelis


This is my life

So why am I in the passenger's seat?

A mere spectator in the scheme of things

While you take the wheel

Normally I wouldn't complain

I used to like where you take me

But you always didn't go far enough 

Never took that extra step

Is that just to tease me

So you can enjoy seeing me suffer?

Or are you really

Trying to tell me something?

Something I don't quite understand yet

I don't like failure but do I have a choice?

Cause I see myself

Repeating the past

Like a tape on constant rewind

Forever I am in here

Spinning and swerving

Sliding and spiraling

Out of control

To that final step to the dead end

Till I crash and burn

And all my bottled feelings explode

My sad, pathetic,

Crazy, tortured self

Is killed off, this time

For good


The author, Steph Yianakelis, is a 17 year old from Victoria, Australia who writes poetry in her spare time.