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Changing History - a science-fiction adventure set in the time before the great-nuclear holocaust, when a time-traveler returns to warn humanity.


Dialogues in the British Library - A fictional account of the personal struggle between Karl Marx and Frederick Engles.


Britain's First Typographer - There's a moral conflict within a man about to embark on a life of crime.


Double Mocha -  An obsessive woman struggles to hold onto the reins of power.


The American Knife Maker - A feature article about Mel Pardue who is an icon of this tradition.


Memories of the Denver Public Schools When Patti Reagan wrote and asked me to pen some impressions of my time at East High, I thought about the chicken crossing the road and my old philosophy professor. 


Scouser - A talking parrot is taken from its rightful owner.


The Artist-Prince -  A small child finds an urn on the beach and it leads to a conflict of fantasy. 


Asylum -  A tale of racial conflict in space.


Winning the Race -  An controversial essay on institutional racism in Britain.


The Oppression of Women -  A commentary on the equality of women in the workplace.



RAUF BOLDEN is an American born in Colorado.  He studied languages at University where he became a polyglot speaking German, French and Dutch.  As a yacht master, he spent twenty years sailing more than 100,000 nautical miles while circumnavigating the planet with his wife Jeannette Dean, an internationally known sailor and writer. They plan to sail around the world again being very much in love while continuing to write fiction and feature articles.  Their motto for life is, "Never Ever Give Up.”





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